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Older Women Dating Younger Men: The Rise Of The Cougar!

By: Saja Duarte

Cougars are generally women in their 40's, 50's and 60's are confident, successful, beautiful women who prefer the company and dating partners that are younger than they are. These women are looking for fun and romance, much like men have done for so many years. In today's society though, women dating younger men, or cougars, are no longer a society taboo.

We constantly see women in their 40's,50's and sixties looking totally hot and desirable than they were when they were in their twenties. Why, basically their more aware of their beauty,their bodies and what they want in life that gives them an irressistable level of confidence.

Many of these women married during a time where in was "proper" to date and marry an older, stable man. But as many divorcee baby boomers can contend, that may have not have been the ingredient for a lasting relationship in the first place. Filled with societies sterotyping, women were to be heard, but not seen.

Many of these women who were subjective to what society wanted them to be, where people of contributing importance. Years ago, television and movies depicted women to be housewives, working in the kitchen and having and taking care of the children, which was true, but also shunned and was unaccepting for anything outside of this role. This made women looked at as "lesser" of a person to others.

In today's society, women serve more as an equal partner than a silent one. Not only that, but there are more women who feel more comfortable being more aggressive in all aspects of life. That includes the aspect of dating and dating younger men. This type of attitude and assertivness has developed the cougar dating trend. Older women dating younger men is no longer something that is "unusual", and to be quite honest, there are a lot of men who like this.

These confident, cougar-minded women learned by experiences from their past relationships. They are able to feel more empowered in relationships because of what they had to do to survive. This naturally has made these women more self-dependant than ever before. This is actually one of the attributes that younger men like...experience. Experience means less "clingy" which all men tend to not like.

All in all, we are in a society today that is more accepting of the Cougar Dating phenomenon. Not only that, but more women are standing up and saying "if men can do it, why can't we". Men aren't the only one's that want to have fun and feel young again!

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