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Methods Of Dealing With Rejection In Dating

By: Marvin Perry

Dating is an important part of one's life which gives a person the opportunity to meet their soul mate. Dating is a way for you to boost your confidence level while enjoying yourself and improving your social skills. With all things in this world there is also a down side to dating. Dating may cause you pain and heartache when things go wrong.

In this article I will discuss what you should do to avoid bad dating experiences and how to overcome them when things go wrong on a date.

Before you agree to go on a date, it's best to ascertain your enthusiasm first. If you're excited to go on a particular date, chances are you'll be more energetic when the big event comes and thus, have a lesser chance of getting dumped.

Before you deal with rejection, try to avoid it first. On your date, be as interesting and interested as you can possibly be. Quiet moments are only okay when you and your date are already in synch; otherwise, awkward moments of silence is a no-no. Give her or him the details they ask for, however, you should not offer any information which may compromise your safety. If you go to a bar on your date you should ask your date to dance to make you feel more comfortable together. If you're trying out new cuisine, be spontaneous with your order so you can show your adventurous side.


If everything fails and your date just isn't going right, then it's time to start accepting defeat.

The way you deal with rejection in dating can determine your view in life. Getting rejected can be extremely difficult if you're always been popular and well liked among your friends.

If you've been rejected a few times before, another one can make you feel yet less your worth again. It's sad the way people let other people ruin their perception of their self and life. Don't be one of these poor people. Instead, let a rejection make you stronger and wiser.

If your date is not going well and she or he tells you that they do not want to go on another date with you, you should not throw a temper tantrum. Instead, be heroic and ask him or her the reasons for his or her decision. That's the only way you can find out what went wrong and what, if any, your contribution was to the date's failure. If you feel that your date also has flaws that he or she should know about, by all means tell him or her. This way, both of you can learn and move on without unanswered questions and confusion.

Dating will always involve risks. Rejection can make you a better individual if you embrace it as a lesson. You should remember the main reason why you were rejected is because you were meant for someone who truly appreciates you and will love you for the person you are.

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