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Get Out of the Doldrums of a Break Up

By: Kelly Church

The break up of a relationship is difficult to get through for anyone. Though there are other things in life that make us sad, the loneliness and rejection we feel as a product of the end of a relationship is very intense and unlike any other feeling. Severe depression can often be the result of such a harsh event in life.

Depression does not have to be permanent, no matter how we may feel at the time. There are several things that can help you beat the despair that comes along with the leaving of a love, you just have to make the decision to do it.

The first thing you have to do, before anything else, is to decide that you are going to be over this depression from this break up. No matter how much you wish you could curl up into a little ball and stay there, in the long run it is much better for you to get out and about so that you do not stay in a permanently depressed mood. If you refuse to move past the pain, you may be stuck there for much longer than is healthy. Deciding you will get over this bump in the road is the very first and one of the best choices you have got to make.

Another thing that can help you move past your problems is to get outside. One of the first things one has a tendency to do after a break up is to hole up somewhere. While you may need this at first, do not let it last long. Such lack of contact with sunlight is to blame for the release to the body of the hormone melatonin. This hormone is the one in the body that helps you get to sleep. It is produced only in the dark and it lowers the body’s temperature, causing a sluggish feeling. If you stay holed up in a dark place with no sunlight, you may feel compelled to sleep all the time, thus eliminating the want to go out and about.


Another way to shake those doldrums is to get busy. If all you do is mope around thinking about your break up, that is all you will ever think about. Immerse your self into something. Work a few extra hours to pad your pocket, or get a part time job. If you don’t feel like working, look for a hobby that you might enjoy.

By putting your mind on something else and keeping yourself busy, you are less likely to be washed away by the feelings that are causing your depression. Playing sports is a great way to get out and exercise. If you aren’t the physical type of person, reading is an awesome activity to occupy your time. One final suggestion of an activity is to do something nice for people less fortunate than you. There is nothing that can lift your spirits like volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter to know that there are people that are in a much worse situation than you. This can help you feel better about your situation.

There are many more things you can do to make sure you get passed the depressing effects of a break up. While nothing is going to completely heal the pain right away, there are ways to feel better. Just a few are deciding you are going to get over it, getting out to get more sunlight, and making yourself busy. If you just go out of your way to think about things, you can come up with things that may work really well for you.

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